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The Seasons Bed & Breakfast, 2002
Ocean Beach, Fire Island, NY

Commissioned in 2002 by the owner of The Seasons Bed and Breakfast. It was commissioned at the 2002 Ocean Beach Art Fair held every year in August.

The Bazzini Nut Co., 2003
TriBeCa, NYC

This work was painted in 2003 for Rocco Damato, CEO of the Bazzini Nut Company located in TriBeCa at Greenwich and Jay Streets. The building was built in 1898 but I thought imagining it in the '40s would be fun.

Drayman in the Washington Market District, 2003
TriBeCa, NYC

This work shows another angle of the Bazzini Nut Company looking West towards the Hudson River. It depicts what the area looked like near the time of the building of the Bazzini building. The Washington Market area, now known as TriBeCa, had extended to here and was filled with warehouses, draymen and importers. It was painted at the end of 2003 for the Bazzini Nut Company.

Wharf - Greenport, NY, 1999
Greenport, NY

This painting hangs in CLAUDIO'S (seen on the right in the painting) in Greenport, NY and was the Greenport Poster for 2001. It also appears on 150,000 "rack cards" around the Metro Area promoting the Town of Greenport, Long Island.

Empire to Chrysler et al, 2002
New York, NY

I wanted to personify some of the great buildings of NYC and show the Empire State Building as something of a "big brother" to the others. Chrysler asks the question, "Where did the Twins go?" and Empire turns to Chrysler and answers. The 'minor' buildings twist and turn to see past each other. They are looking downtown but the "Twins", of course, are not there.

The original painting will always remain in my collection. Because of interest generated by an article in the Fire Island Tide, a limited number of 16x20 prints are available for sale.

JT's House, 2004
Douglaston, NY

Classic house in Douglaston, NY. Built in 1914.